Beyond the scope of the traditional F&I menu, our process-oriented presentation system offers interactive, data-driven features and allows for adjustments on-the-fly. A logical flow of information throughout the sales process improves the experience for our dealers and their customers alike.

ImpactMenu packages screen with up to four package options each with separate term, rate, and cash down.


No two dealerships, customers, or users are the same. That's where we come in.

Fully Customizable

We mold a proven framework around your sales processes, provider partnerships, and training methods, making ImpactMenu the most flexible F&I solution in the marketplace.

ImpactMenu packages screen in dark mode can be fully customized with your theme, color, and logo. Edmunds VIN decoding service displays the purchased vehicle as a watermark background.

Dynamic Selling Tools

Credible, personalized Ownership Needs Evaluation and Risk Evaluation tools combine customer and vehicle-specific details with market-driven data. Our process-oriented workflow builds value in your offerings while driving collaboration through a method of “guided discovery.”

ImpactMenu interactive tools use real customer and vehicle data to illustrate needs and overcome objections.

Device Cross-Compatible

Today more than ever, our consumers demand a pressure-free purchase experience on their own terms. Provide it with the comfort of the same, easy user interface, deliverable via whatever device you choose: desktop, tablet/mobile, wall-mounted TV, traditional paper, or even remotely.

ImpactMenu runs on Apple iPad, or any laptop or desktop computer via cloud-based web software.


Enjoy a feature-rich, stable, complete solution backed by decades of industry experience.

Certified DMS Integration

Approved interfaces with an ever-expanding list of DMS partners eliminate manual entry and reduce delivery time. See our Sign Up page for a complete list of connected providers.

E-Rating and E-Contracting

Create efficiency, eliminate costly errors, and prevent funding delays. A single click streamlines the rating and contracting process for all providers, simultaneously.

Remote Delivery Solutions

Our fully embedded remote connectivity solution gives your customers the same quality experience they would expect inside your dealership, all from the comfort of their home or office.

Simple User Interface

Our core focus is usability. Quickly configure a single or multiple package presentation with flexible term and repayment options, all with on-the-fly access to branded tools that build value.

Electronic Signature

Provide a fast and modern deal settlement experience. Capture and apply e-signatures onto eligible forms whether you're face-to-face, or connecting through our remote customer portal.

Compliance Protection

Promote proper disclosure that protects the dealership. Vetted by legal experts, our solutions are crafted to allow flexibility in the sales process, while encouraging behaviors that are in line with best practices and regulatory guidelines.


Your partners are our partners, too. We connect to over 100 product administrators and industry leading technology providers, consolidating access to your outside universe through one complete software solution.

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