Numbers alone don’t always tell the full story. Correlate processes to profitability like never before by analyzing not only the results, but the actions that produced them. Our extensive suite of reports can be run at a high-level, or drilled down into granular detail.

ImpactAnalytics DMS driven reports provide front and back F&I statistics, analysis, and financial data.


Identify the behaviors and processes that produce your greatest results.

Intuitive Navigation

Our uncomplicated user interface has been developed so you can focus on the information, not on the steps required to access it. Search, sort, and filter data with ease, and rely on our logical placement of relevant information to gain a degree of insight you've never had before.

Precision Accuracy

Over the course of a month, human errors can become costly. ImpactAnalytics is highly configurable and entirely DMS-driven, eliminating manual entry mistakes and ensuring that our data matches the dealership's system of record.

Customizable Delivery

Access our online reporting interface 24/7 from any device, or have the desired reports delivered right to your inbox. Set preferences for which reports you want delivered, the frequency with which you want to receive them, what data you want included, or who else should have the same access. Even export reports to staff and partners on-the-fly.


A comprehensive, DMS-driven reporting solution available for use with or without ImpactMenu.

Measure Income

Easily evaluate departmental income with breakdowns by units, penetrations, totals, and averages. Slice and dice data at multiple levels: top-level or group-wide, by dealership, department, individual, or against lender and provider partnerships.

Analyze Effort

Are all products being offered to every customer, every time? What presentation tools and features are being leveraged to build value, and how are customer objections being addressed? Actively manage your team's approach with answers to important questions in real-time.

Assess Risk

Identify areas of concern before they become a problem. Know which customer deliveries did not have an F&I menu or proper disclosure generated, and identify patterns that might open the dealership up to undue scrutiny.

Set Goals

Actively track performance against established benchmarks with our Goals & Objectives reporting, regardless of whether your goals are process-oriented or income-oriented.

Evaluate Relationships

Bring your partnerships into focus with clear analysis of how your products and services are performing. Ensure product administration and lender partnerships are all being properly leveraged to optimize departmental income .

Maximize Opportunities

Manage processes to ensure that each customer gets the proper F&I turnover. Evaluate results when those processes are followed, and easily see the difference when they aren't.


Your partners are our partners, too. We connect to over 100 product administrators and industry leading technology providers, consolidating access to your outside universe through one complete software solution.

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