Our contracting-only solution allows you to register coverage quickly and accurately, even if you don't need a full-blown F&I menu. Improve efficiency and advance profitability with this basic tier of service, eliminating multiple browser tabs and individual logins to each product provider's portal.


Time is of the essence. Quickly compare rates and eligible terms, and contract with a single click.

Fast, Accurate Rating

Ensure that you're maximizing profitability with confidence in up-to-the-minute pricing. Updates to rate structures or coverage eligibility automatically reflect in the coverage options that are displayed for a particular transaction.

Error-Free Contracting

Reduce funding delays and inconvenience with a reliable platform. If a form number changes or required information is missing, proven and stable integration with your provider's services catch the issue before it becomes a problem.

Modernized Experience

Excite your customers with the fast, modern experience they've come to expect. Download and provide copies of your customer's documents with a thumb drive, email contract copies directly from our system, or even allow your customer to connect remotely and e-sign on their own device through our secure customer portal.


Technology developed with practical application in mind, and backed by decades of industry experience.

Same-Day Coverage

Our electronic registration process ensures your customers are covered on day one, and can make a claim as soon as one becomes necessary.

Electronic Signature

Provide a fast and modern deal settlement experience. Capture and apply e-signatures onto eligible forms whether you're face-to-face, or connecting through our remote customer portal.

Remittance Management

Allow administrative staff to easily view and manage coverage, or construct e-contracting remittance reports through a single contracts management hub.

Aftersale Engagement

Seize the opportunities after the F&I delivery is complete. Quickly generate quotes or register coverage for aftersale F&I product purchases without having to construct a full F&I menu.

Industry-Leading Support

Rely on our team's experience to get you the help you need, when you need it. Our support analysts are expert troubleshooters, and have extensive industry contacts who can help you in the event an issue is out of our scope.

Easily Upgradeable

Dip your toe in the water with our most basic tier of service. Should your needs change, it's a simple process to upgrade to our ImpactMenu application, ImpactAnalytics reporting, or the complete solution.


Your partners are our partners, too. We connect to over 100 product administrators and industry leading technology providers, consolidating access to your outside universe through one complete software solution.

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