March 30, 2009

Reahard & Associates announces strategic alliance with The Impact Group

The Impact Group and Reahard & Associates, Inc. announce a strategic alliance to help provide each other's clients with best-in-class F&I training and technology. 

The announcement comes due to a collaborative effort between Ron Reahard of Reahard & Associates and Mark Thorpe of The Impact Group to enhance the capabilities of both the interactive menu and paper menu aspects of Impact's FUSION™ program.  According to Mark Thorpe, "We wanted Ron's input in designing our new program, because he is a nationally recognized expert on menu selling.  Reahard & Associates is also the premier F&I training company in the country, and their online F&I training is absolutely the best available."

According to Ron Reahard, "The most effective menus include four distinct option packages and allow different terms, APRs, and down payments in each option package.  Impact's new FUSION™ program gives F&I managers all the flexibility associated with a paper menu, with the convenience and accuracy of software.  I am excited to finally be able to recommend a menu program to our clients that I know will enable their F&I managers to sell more products."  

The Impact Group and Reahard & Associates plan to recommend each other's products and services to their existing client bases.  The Impact Group will also offer discounted setup fees for existing Reahard & Associates clients, and Reahard & Associates will offer discounted training fees for existing Impact Group dealers and agents.

About Reahard & Associates, Inc.

Reahard & Associates provides F&I classes. custom tailored in-dealership training programs, and online training solutions that dramatically increase F&I income and customer delight.  Since its inception in 2001, Reahard & Associates has been dedicated to providing automobile dealers, F&I managers, and sales personnel with the cutting-edge strategies, processes, and consultative selling skills necessary to succeed in today's increasingly competitive retail environment.  At Reahard & Associates… our objective is never to get dealers to sell more of "our" product, because we don't sell any F&I products.  Our only objective is to help dealers increase their income and delight their customers! For more information, visit

About The Impact Group

Founded in 1988, The Impact Group, Inc. is a nationally recognized automotive software development firm that services the finance & insurance industry. Impact specializes in increasing profitability and customer satisfaction through cutting-edge web technologies and a unique approach to the F&I department.  Impact's programs include a robust, qualitative reporting module, certified DMS interface, electronic submission to administrators, real time vehicle values information, and service contract rating. Impact provides custom development services for OEM's, third party administrators, and general agents.