F&I Menu Presentation Software

Fusion™ puts a powerful set of software tools at the fingertips of F&I managers. The software counteracts your customer’s expectation for a high pressure sales pitch in the F&I office and creates a non-adversarial environment that allows the F&I manager to present your dealership’s aftermarket offerings on a more consultative basis.

The client is greeted with an unexpected and low-key interview process followed by an informative product presentation that emphasizes the individual needs of the customer, dramatically increasing product penetrations and customer satisfaction. The closing phase provides the finance manager with compelling objection handling tools that can be utilized when necessary to further illustrate how your customer’s needs are satisfied by your products.

As the retail automotive industry continues to draw intense scrutiny from state attorneys general, regulators, law firms and the national media, your dealership's full compliance with disclosure requirements is of prime concern. The unique approach of Fusion™ F&I presentation software ensures compliance while still delivering outstanding F&I profit!

Whether your finance department is at the peak of its success or corrective action is needed, Fusion™ will take it to the next level! Contact us for a demonstration of how Fusion™ can improve YOUR sales, compliance and customer satisfaction.

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