General Agencies

Increase your agency's presence in the dealership with a customized user experience

Link to the system from your homepage
It is easy to add a login interface to your already-existing webpage, which drives your users back to your site again and again. Alternatively, a new domain name can be registered by you or The Impact Group that directs the user to your customized Login page.

Incorporate your color scheme and logo into the system
To maintain consistency with your already-established branding program, the colors and logo used in the website and software can be customized to your requirements.

Have all the information you need before you walk into the dealership

Make the most of your onsite visits
Monitor performance from anywhere, 24 hours a day! Our online usage reports show you the actual effort being put forth by the F&I staff at your client sites, helping you to identify trends and formulate coaching strategies without spending all your time at the dealership doing research.

It's easy to add Fusion™ to your catalog of products and services. Contact us now to get started!


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